Pickled Beef Heart

In Dianes Kitchen


Pickled Beef Heart is very good and high in protein. The heart is nothing more than a muscle. I know this probably will gross some people out, but I was brought up to try all kinds of food and I love heart. Although I am pickling it, unpickled heart can also be added to many other dishes. Compared to chicken white meat, beef heart is about equal in calories and protein. Three ounces of beef heart is only 140 calories with 24 grams of protein.


Rinse the heart in cold

water removing any blood.


In a large pot place one Tbsp of salt,

the heart (cut into two pieces) and

water to cover. Bring to a boil and

simmer for about two hours with a lid.


Wash a quart jar and lid with

hot soapy water and rinse.


Boil the jar and lid for

10 minutes to sterilize.


In a medium pot…

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