Stir-fried Tempe-Beans-Dried Fish


I have been craving to eat dried fish. It’s salty and crunchy (if you deep fry them). It can be found relatively easy in the big Asian supermarket in Stuttgart, which I bought a few months ago but never got the chance to cook it. Here I found the idea of mixing tempe and dried fish, without having to use “too much” oil and still be able to add in some green. This dish can be cooked also for vegetarian, just remove the dried fish. I really enjoy this simple dish with steamed white rice. Yummyyy…. 🙂

DSC01857.JPGTotal time: 30 minutes

Serving: 4


400 g               Tempe, cut into rectangular shape, or any shape you prefer

250 g               Beans, cut into approx. 2-3 cm length

1 cup               Dried fish (optional), you can also replace it with shrimp

4                      Shallots, chopped

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