Italian Muffuletta Picnic Sandwich

Rosemarie's Kitchen

Today is the first day of spring. Don’t look at the temperature outside, it’s officially spring and that means Picnic Season! If you have a good Italian Deli in town, you could always pick up a nice, big Muffuletta Sandwich to throw in your picnic basket. Or with a little planning ahead, you could make your own awesome sandwich designed to feed a small country. A bottle of wine, a cluster of grapes and off you go on a new adventure. So what if there’s still a little snow on the ground!

Kiddo and I love the Muffuletta just the way it is made traditionally – with an Olive Spread. However; Hubby is not a fan of the olive, so he generally passes on a Muffuletta for that very reason. Then it hit me – why not have an alternative to the Olive Spread for people like Hubby? But what?…

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