National Sloppy Joe Day and a Sizzling Salsa Sloppy Joe

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What could be more American than a Sloppy Joe, right? Well, maybe. When we think of Sloppy Joes, we think of Joe as in a cup of Joe or GI-JOE. And of course; All-American average Joe – the guy on the street whose opinion of the world really mattered. The last thing we think of is Havana, Cuba. Yet, as one story goes, that’s exactly where we should begin our search for the origins of the Sloppy Joe. Way back somewhere around 1917 or so, a guy named José Abeal Otero opened a bar in Havana. The regulars to his establishment called him “Sloppy Joe”. (For reasons I’d rather not speculate on since he was in the hospitality industry, but whatever). Now José had the reputation as a smart businessman and saw a great marketing opportunity to be had simply by changing the name of his bar to “Sloppy Joe’s”.


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